Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One of my favourite outfits (casual&elegant)

Guys,you really can´t believe me how hot it was in the last days: 35,36,37C° and it´s getting hotter. Btw,I have finally holidays! No school for 2 months! And because of all this reasons I can´t wait anymore for my holidays at the beach with friends: chilling the whole day, just lying in the sun, enjoying some delicious food, ice cream and some drinks and of course taking pictures for you :) What are your plans for the next weeks/months? 
For today´s look I kept it quite casual but tried  to make it a little bit elegant with this earrings. I wore my new Zara shirt (just bought it at the sales) from this season with light pink Forever21 shorts from last year. And not to forget my new sandals!!! I really love them. I already now that they will be an important ingredient for my outfits this summer! So beautiful and so comfortable. I have to admit that I really like this look. I think the light pink plastic bag,that I´ve stolen from my mum´s closet, fits also very good. I hope that you like it as I do :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Guess who´s back,back again, Melli´s back, tell a friend! As you can see I´m back with my outfit posts now!!! I really missed taking pictures for my blog, but from now on I will try to get a better blogger :) In my summer holidays(finally!) which are in 2 weeks I´ll regularly post my daily outfit! So don´t forget to check them out. 
So now some words to this post. On Thursday was VIENNA FASHION NIGHT. All shops had open till 10 o´clock and at the 1st district was a lot of entertainment and sales. First I went with some friends to one of my favourite restaurants, called Vapiano, for dinner and after that we shopped until we dropped. For this day I chose a very relaxing look.I wore my black Dr.Denim jeans and a metallic H&M shirt with a neon  H&M necklace (favourite H&M necklace of this season). In this post are also some Instagram pictures. You can find me on Instagram as @melliarikan. 
Finally I want to wish all fathers and future fathers an happy father´s day! 
And especially I wish my dad an happy father´s day!
PS.: Don´t forget to participate at the giveaway (post below).There are only a few more days left to participate!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello beautiful people! I know I haven´t posted anything for a long time now, but in these days I had to do so much for school. I had every week 4 exams and now there are just left ,I guess, 4 or 5. Do you know that feeling if  you study so much that you think that your brain will explode? Haha at the moment I really feel like this. I´m already looking forward when I can just relax, enjoy life and of course take many many pictures for my blog :) Don´t worry I don´t want to bore you any longer with my school stuff. So now  the great news that I actually wanted to tell you: 

A few weeks ago I got in touch with the nice team of ScinCareRx (you can see the link on the left sidebar of my blog). I have to say that I really like their websites with the special beauty products, that are really skin-friendly. They are selling brands like Chanel,Yves Saint Laurent,Bobbi Brown,.. And therefore I´m hosting a giveaway with the chance to win a $20 gift card, which you can use on the following websites: SkinCareRxApothica and Skinbotanica. SkinCareRx carries one of the "Best Vitamin C Serum"

It is very easy to participate at this giveaway:

1.You have to own a blog.
2. Join M´s Fashion Diary on GFC
3. Post your favourite product and its link as comment (you can choose it from one of these three sites that I mentioned above )
4. And last but not least leave your e-mail adress as a comment 

The giveaway will go on till the 20th of June!

Good luck and happy shopping! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

BEST COLLABORATION: ADR. I have to say H&M always teams up with great designers,but this time they made the best choice: ANNA DELLO RUSSO FOR H&M! On the 4th of October the Anna Dello Russo collection will be available world wide and also online. It will include many jewelleries,a suitcase,sunglasses,clutches and shoes. I´m already so excited, really  can´t wait for it! Anna Dello Russo inspires me everyday.She is a huge inspiration and of course a fashion icon! Every outfit of her is admirable and gorgeous! So here is just a preview of the collection. I love it. Especially I love the clutches and sunnies! So what do you think about it? 

CLICK CLICK CLICK for Anna Dello Russo outfits!
I just published some of her greatest outfits, but you know there are too many to publish all of them.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Follow me on INSTAGRAM!

INSTAGRAM. As I already told you once I signed up at Instagram! So if you want to get the latest updates of my blog and want to see some other pictures, follow me. You can find me as Melisa Arikan.Check it out. Hope you enjoy the pictures! xx

Friday, April 20, 2012

feeling like a magician

Favourite sequin blazer.Among the whole school stuff I still managed to take a few outfit pictures. I´m already looking forward to my summer holidays, then I will deal myself a lot with my blog. Take many pictures and one thing that I already know is that I will wear many many different colours. I have to say that I really love neon colours in summer and especially I love this season neon yellow and green. 
So now something to this outfit post:I really felt like a magician when I wore this outfit.It reminded me of the typical magician blazers,haha. In this days I really prefered wearing comfortable clothes. Among the whole learning I don´t have so much time to make new and chic combinations and I have to say that my exams are getting more and more. Therefore I wore something very casual and mixed it up with a sequin blazer to make it look a bit more interesting. And this time I didn´t wore so skinny jeans as I am usually used to.
I still have some news for you! Just signed up on Instagram.You can find me as Melisa Arikan. There you will find the latest updates of my blog and also some other pictures! Have a nice weekend ,kisses xxx

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


FACTICE is 1!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Take a look at this birthday edition of  FACTICE. I really enjoyed the pictures. They are really funny and fashional. I hope that the Factice team will go on doing such a great job. So I wish Factice all the best for the future, bisous xx

PS: I´m in the press section of Factice.Click HERE to see it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

too good to be true

So inspiring! Found these pictures a few days ago in the web and I already love them. I would love to make a tattoo like this one. The text is so good. Don´t know whose tattoo this is, but great choise! What about you? Do you like it? xx

Monday, April 9, 2012


Finally an outfit-post again! Today I actually wanted to wear leather shorts, but then I realised that the weather got really cold. So I decided to wear skinny jeans with my new asymmetric sweater,that I bought a few days ago at Zara and mixed them up with my glass sandals. I felt a little bit like Cinderella.You surley all know the story. And today I also wore my collar,that I really love and bought immediately, a few weeks ago,when I saw it. Bad news: My holidays are coming to an end. I really have to enjoy the last days before my exam months... Wish you all a good start into the week!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

ST.MALO (France part 2)

LIFESTYLE. Voilá,here is the second part of my trip to France: ST.MALO! There we had a few relaxing days. Friends and I discovered a sweet little restaurant,where we had lunch a few times. The decoration was very cute. Everything was pink and white. Although St.Malo was a bit boring after Paris it was nevertheless beautiful and especially the sea! Of course crêpes and macarons played again a very important role in St.Malo!So just take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think about St.Malo.Hope you enjoy watching them! Bisous xx

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


HEELS,oh HIGH HEELS! Today I want to show you some of my high heels. The heels in this post are the ones that I wear very often. I especially love my new glass heels from ZARA. They remind me of Cinderella and of PRADA´S  last year´s collection. And another pair that I really love are my Cèline ankle boots, that I already showed you in another post(CLICK HERE to see it). Which heels are your favourite ones? Kiss Kiss Melli

Monday, April 2, 2012


Finally I started my holidays with a very relaxing day. I had lunch(at Vapiano,one of my favourite restaurants) with Steffi and after that we went to Kurt-Frozen Yoghurt. It was very delicious. Despite of the wind, the weather was sunny and quite warm. And now to my outfit: Today I just wore something very casual, because I really had to hurry up with choosing my outfit. I decided to wear my black leather pants with a yellow and black shirt and mixed them up with my yellow YSL nailpolish. Both my jacket and my pants have gold details. I like this combination although it´s quite simple.What about you? Hope you all had a good start into the week,kisses Melli xx

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Je t´aime PARIS (France part 1)

Last week I was in Paris and St.Malo,as I already told you. A huge problem was that I couldn´t take any outfit pictures,because it was a schooltrip and we spend our whole time with sight-seeing.( I´m very sad and sorry about this) So I just took many pictures of things that I´ve seen and found very fascinating. Hope you like them,as I do! Now after hours of sorting out pictures from Paris and St.Malo I decieded to share just the most interesting ones with you (because there are too many). These pictures show you my favourite places and goods in Paris. I spend the whole last week with eating macarons,salad and crêpes. They were all so delicious, but now I can´t see them anymore.I think I really ate too much. Another detail that got me fascinated in Paris was the architecture. All appartements were so beautiful, I couldn´t stop taking pictures of them! And not to forget the decoration of the shop windows- AWESOME! I already travelled a few times to Paris (I was very young), but after this visit I realised that Paris is really one of the most beautiful cities.Finally I also had birthday in Paris (25th March). This was also a great experience. At midnight we went up on the top of the Eifel Tower. The lights and the view from there over whole Paris was just magnificent!
I have to say: Paris,je t´aime!  Bisous Melli,xx
PS: This post only consists of pictures from Paris, but the pictures from St. Malo are going to be continued in another post.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Today´s outfit"

Last week unfortunately I wasn´t able to post anything, because I was in France.
It was awesome. Paris is one of my favourite cities! It´s beautiful and you can always be open for new experiences. I promise I will show you some pictures of my trip as soon as possible, but now I want to tell you another thing. Once I saw  that a friend of mine puts pictures on a platform called SokaktaNeModa
(a website like Lookbook). So I checked out this page and decieded to put there also a few of my pictures. And as I returned yesterday from Paris I realised that I was chosen on monday as "Today´s outfit" on SokaktaNeModa. I was really happy and wanted to inform you immediately about it.
If you want to see the outfit on the "SokaktaNeModa" CLICK HERE and if you want to see the whole outfit post on my blog CLICK HERE. See you, kisses xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FACTICE Magazine,March Issue "Exquise Folie"

Hi everybody! First I want to apologize for my little posts in the last days, but it´s very hard during exam weeks to take outfit pictures. In this time my motivation is learing.. But I promise, when I have holidays, in 3 weeks, I ´ll try to post many many fashionable posts:)

For now I want to share the March issue of FACTICE( french fashion online magazine) with you. I have to say that they made a great job again! Maybe you can remeber I already told you something about it and where you can follow  FACTICE (CLICK HERE to see it). It´s worth checking out the FACTICE homepage. On vimeo you can watch the shooting behind the scenes.
Here is also their pinterest page for you: CLICK HERE ( I am going to make a pinterest account too!).
And now a few words to the picture above: I love love love the right outfit! the shoes and the jacket are so great and they really fit to each other. I have to say it´s an awesome picture.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


hello hello! In Vienna the weather is getting better now, so I really feel compelled to wear my leather jacket and my new candy-pink Zara pants.I have to admit that I love the colour of my pants. This time I decided to wear something  simple, that also looks chic. So I had the idea to combining my cand-pink pants with a simple Forever 21 white shirt and black high heels.And because of the sun I finally took my Ray Ban sunnies again. I´m so happy about the sunny weather! So do you like this outfit? Was the idea of simple & chic good?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

tattoos, tattoos and tattoos

Tattos often make an outfit cooler or complete it. I thing the idea of a tattoo is very nice. I don´t like every single tattoo, but there are some, that I would really like to do on myself, if I was not so afraid. And sometimes I also think that maybe one day I won´t like a tattoo and will then maybe regret it. So I think fake tattoos are a huge advantage for me.
And now to some exciting news!A few weeks ago I got a collaboration offer from fake-tattoo sellers.They were super nice and let me choose some tattos for my blog, which you will see of course, as soon as possible.Therefore in this post I´ll show you tattoos that I really like and also some of the fake-tattoos that I am going to do in the next time.
This month they also have an awesome offer. In March there is a free delivery worldwide. So if you are interested in tattoos take a look at the Fake Tattoo homepage.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey everybody there! In my last post I already told you about my addiction to pastel colours, but I also mentioned that I like neon colours too and will  wear a neon detail. So here is it: My Louis Vuitton Graffiti Speedy bag. I thing it´s diffrent from the other bags. Although its colour is neon green, I think it really fits with an "elegance" dress too. In other words: You can combine it with everything. It doesn´t matter if your outfit is sporty or elegant. And although I like it that much , I guess, I just took it 3 or 4 times, but now my bag´s time has come! I will make often a combination with it. What about you,do you like it? KISSES M.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


A must-have of this season are pastel colours! In this post I didn´t wear so much pastel colours. Only my pants,that I bought a few days ago at Mango, are pastel pink. I really love them. So I felt to combine them with my Céline ankle boots and Zara sweater. I think this combination is a good start for spring. Not too warm, but also not too cold for this weather. What about you? Are you a pastel or neon fan? I like both, but I have to admit that nowdays I like pastel colours a bit more. But don´t worry my next post will contain a neon detail :) Bisous Melli

Friday, March 2, 2012


INSPIRATION. As you can remember I already posted a preview of my next inspiration post,so voilá here is the complete post! Although I know that most of you already know some of this pictures and are maybe not interested so much  in inspiration posts, I nerverthless posted this pictures. I really love to browse through the social web and to find  new fashional pictures that inspire me. Some of them are from fashion weeks and some of them are celebrities and other well known persons. I already published an inspiration post( CLICK to see it), but this one is more for spring. Hope you enjoy the pictures as I do. Which one is your favourite?
PS: I´m really really sorry for the delay of posts in the last week. I promise I will try to become a better blogger :) So you can be sure about many outfit posts in the next time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

winter necessity: MONCLER JACKET

I think without my Moncler Jacket I would have freezed this winter. It´s one of my favourite jackets. It looks very chic and it is also so comfortable and warm. LOVE IT! In this post I also wore a sequin hat. Never wore it before, because I couldn´t find the perfect combination. Do you think did I manage it this time? I really like it. This time I  also took another colour of my metallic nailpolish( I already show you the other one  a few posts before, CLICK HERE to see it). Hope you like it!
Kisses Melli xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012

looking forward for spring!

I´m really sick of the bad weather in the last days. Always snow, rain,wind and coldness. One thing that I´m really looking forward is spring! I can´t wait for it. Yesterday after lunch, with Kathi ,we went to a few shops. There I already made the perfect combinations for spring. I´m planing a huge spring shopping, but first I have to pass my exams. They already start this week.Therefore I want to apologize for the little posts in the next days. Now there is one certain detail that will be very important for my clothes in spring, but this detail I´ll tell you in a few weeks :) And now some words to my outfit. Yesterday I just wore a very comfortable outfit. I wore a black vest with a beige t-shirt,jeans and beige overknees. No heels, although one of my obsessions are heels, because they often make you look better!And to this relaxing look I took a beige Balenciaga bag, which fits with the boots and t-shirt. I have to admit, it was really cold while taking pictures. Thanks to Kathi for taking the pictures(with having a flu!). xx
PS: sry for the bad quality of some pictures!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Factice Magazine Issue 10 "ROUGE ET GLAMOUR"

Hello beauties! Today my school started again. The weather is so cold, but I hope to take nevertheless some  outfit pictures in the next days. Tommorrow it`s Valentine`s day. Do you have any plans?
Whatever today I want to tell you something about a great online french fashion magazine.
A few days ago I got in touch with the nice team of the online french fashion magazine FACTICE. I must admit that I didn't know the magazine till a few days ago, but it's a really fashionable and inspiring magazine.
So in this post I want to tell you something about  FACTICE. One of my favourite issues is the ROUGE ET GLAMOUR issue, which is now available. I really love the cover of it, which you can see above.They made a great job by taking this gold necklace and the sequin dress( you know I'm really into sequins). You can like FACTICE also on Facebook CLICK HERE, follow it on Twitter CLICK HERE, follow it on Vimeo CLICK HERE and take a look on their Tumblr CLICK HERE I want to show you some pictures of this issue that I really like, if you want to see more CLICK HERE. Do you like them?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hérmes bag and faux fur coat

Slowly my holidays come to an end.The whole learning and studying for exams start again, but now I enjoy the last days of my holiday. And of course I took some pictures for my last outfit post in Istanbul. I already miss it! For this post I combined again my faux fur coat (it was so cold outside) with my black DR. DENIM pants, black Zara ankle boots and an Hérmes bag.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


After the last post, where I just wore my sequin jacket, I now wore something warmer: My lovely faux fur coat.The temperatures fell in the last days and i'ts getting colder and colder here, in Istanbul.Today I met my friend Mirel again, but there was a big problem. It started to rain. First we thought that the rain would stop, but we were wrong. So we could just take very less outfit pictures. A very important detail in this post is my new magnetic nail polish. Surely you ask yourself how a nailpolish can be magnetic. You put it on your nail and put then the magnet on it. And  voilà you get stripes! I think it's something different and it looks quite cool, but that really suits on each other's taste. Do you like it?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

in love with sequins and stars

Yesterday I met my friend Mirel ( she's also a fashionblogger). We shot many many pictures for our blogs. First we had lunch. After that we took some pictures and ate macarons (espacially I love the pink and green one's). YUMMY! I didn't wear so warm clothes, because I thought that the weather might be so warm as it was 2 days ago and so we both freezed a bit. And now I want to tell you something about my outfit. I really love stars and sequins. So I made a combination of them and took a Balenciaga bag. Really love this outfit! And I wore my Céline ankle boots, but this time with black socks,haha. Next time I'll wear them with transparent socks. Hope you like it. xx

Sunday, February 5, 2012

from -15 to 15 degrees

From -15 to 15 degrees! Yesterday I arrived in Istanbul.In these days it´s really warm and sunny. I came
from -15 degrees (from Vienna) to 15 degrees (to Istanbul). I generally took more warm clothes with me, because all my friends told me it was so cold and it snowed a lot, but now the whole snow is melting and the temperatures rise up.Today I met my cousin. She arrived in Istanbul yesterdy (she had last week her semester holiday). So we had a lot to talk. We relaxed and then went out for enjoying the beautiful weather and of course for taking pictures for my blog (finally!). Today I wore one of my favourite Zara blazers with Zara ankle boots and combined them  with a bag that I bought last year in Rome. Hope you like it. I really do. How was your sunday? xx

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PREVIEW of my next inspiration post

Today I have good and bad news  for you. First the bad one: I haven´t posted an outfit post for a week now and I´m  really  sad about this. It was too cold to take pictures.Today it has -12 degrees like it had in  the last days too. Whatever after bad news there are always  good news. In 3 days I have holidays and I´ll be  probably off to another country. Any guesses  which country  it might be? And the best thing about it: I can take OUTFIT-pictures again!!! I´m really looking forward. Today I just post  a preview of my next inspiration post (if you want to see the last one, click HERE ).And now something about the picture you see above.The belt on the picture is a vintage Chanel belt. I´m really in love with it ! I think  vintage Chanel accessoires and bags are really beautiful!( if you want to see some of this accessories and jewelery on my fashiolista profile, click HERE). What do you think about vintage clothing and accessories?  And do you like the belt as I do? xx

Saturday, January 28, 2012


After a lot of studying for school, I finally finished this semester with a very good degree and  can now take some pictures for my blog again (I´m really glad about this). Among the whole studying I also had some time to go shopping after school. When I saw brown Céline shoes in a shop window, I really felt like buying them. I wanted black one´s but the shopkeeper told me that there was just a navy blue pair left, but when I opened the shoe box ,I couldn´t believe it. The black one´s were in it! I was so happy, I really thought that this coincidence had to be a fate! All Céline ankle boots were sold out up to this pair. And so I took them, my first Céline ankle boots. What do you think about them? Would be the brown or navy one´s better? Or are you in love with this black Céline ankle boots too like I am ?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In these days I´m really looking forward for my semester holidays! Still 2 weeks left, then I can just relax, meet friends, go shopping and  of course shoot new pictures for my blog :)
 Today I mainly wore black and white. I combined my black and white sweater with black tights and black vintage boots. I really like this combination.So what about today´s outfit? Do you like it as I do ?

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is a post about some of my beauty products and about some clothing articles that I really love and which I´m  also going to wear in the next posts. In this picture I combined my black leather Röckel gloves with Ray Ban sunnies and my favourite Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

late christmas-feeling

I´m really sorry for the delay of posts in the last days, but I had to learn for so many exams..When I have holidays(in 2 weeks) I will try to post everyday something :) For now I just wore a relaxing outfit.I combined a sweater with leather shorts,black tights and black over knees( I was looking for black overknees for a while and when I found them during a shopping tour , I was so glad that I immediately bought them). And of course I also wore my vintage Cartier watch (love it). Everytime when I wear this sweater it gives me a late christmas-feeling..don´t know why,haha.Do you like it? xx

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey everybody! Yesterday I recognized that I can´t answer your comments on my blog. In general I also can´t comment on other blogs in these days..That´s very very stupid! So I will answer your comments as soon as it works again :)  I would really like to know what you think about my blog. Please leave a comment and tell me what I should change or leave as it already is.So please help me and give me some advise xx

Friday, January 13, 2012


Finally it´s also snowing in Vienna, so I couldn´t take any pictures of my outfit today (it was too cold and there was also a short snowstorm) ..Therefore I just post  pictures that I really like and that are  part of my inspiration,hope you enjoy it xx

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Every winter the time arrives when I look at old pictures that were shot in summer and everytime I really want to go back to these times. Do you know this feeling? It´s a beautiful one, but at the same time it´s also a bit sad .. therefore I want to share some  memories of summer 2011 with you! hope you like it :) I love to spend a hot summer with my bikinis..So you will see that this post contains many bikini-outfits ;) Which bikini or picture is your favorite one? xx

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

METALLIC CLUTCH AND ANKLE BOOTS Follow my blog with Bloglovin

                           Which one is your favorite? The ring,the skirt, the shoes or the clutch? :)