Wednesday, January 18, 2012

late christmas-feeling

I´m really sorry for the delay of posts in the last days, but I had to learn for so many exams..When I have holidays(in 2 weeks) I will try to post everyday something :) For now I just wore a relaxing outfit.I combined a sweater with leather shorts,black tights and black over knees( I was looking for black overknees for a while and when I found them during a shopping tour , I was so glad that I immediately bought them). And of course I also wore my vintage Cartier watch (love it). Everytime when I wear this sweater it gives me a late christmas-feeling..don´t know why,haha.Do you like it? xx

                                                          H&M sweater+shorts+tights
                                                                 black overknees
                                                          vintage Cartier watch ( I love it)
                                                               Thomas Sabo bracelet
                                                         thin leather bracelet by New One
                                                                 Tiffany&Co necklace
                                                                   Louis Vuitton bag
                                                            Chanel Pearl Drop nailpolish
                                                                      YSL lipstick


  1. Great look!!!
    Lovely bag <3333

    I'm a new follower ;)


  2. thank you so much Ivania :) xx