Saturday, February 25, 2012

winter necessity: MONCLER JACKET

I think without my Moncler Jacket I would have freezed this winter. It´s one of my favourite jackets. It looks very chic and it is also so comfortable and warm. LOVE IT! In this post I also wore a sequin hat. Never wore it before, because I couldn´t find the perfect combination. Do you think did I manage it this time? I really like it. This time I  also took another colour of my metallic nailpolish( I already show you the other one  a few posts before, CLICK HERE to see it). Hope you like it!
Kisses Melli xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012

looking forward for spring!

I´m really sick of the bad weather in the last days. Always snow, rain,wind and coldness. One thing that I´m really looking forward is spring! I can´t wait for it. Yesterday after lunch, with Kathi ,we went to a few shops. There I already made the perfect combinations for spring. I´m planing a huge spring shopping, but first I have to pass my exams. They already start this week.Therefore I want to apologize for the little posts in the next days. Now there is one certain detail that will be very important for my clothes in spring, but this detail I´ll tell you in a few weeks :) And now some words to my outfit. Yesterday I just wore a very comfortable outfit. I wore a black vest with a beige t-shirt,jeans and beige overknees. No heels, although one of my obsessions are heels, because they often make you look better!And to this relaxing look I took a beige Balenciaga bag, which fits with the boots and t-shirt. I have to admit, it was really cold while taking pictures. Thanks to Kathi for taking the pictures(with having a flu!). xx
PS: sry for the bad quality of some pictures!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Factice Magazine Issue 10 "ROUGE ET GLAMOUR"

Hello beauties! Today my school started again. The weather is so cold, but I hope to take nevertheless some  outfit pictures in the next days. Tommorrow it`s Valentine`s day. Do you have any plans?
Whatever today I want to tell you something about a great online french fashion magazine.
A few days ago I got in touch with the nice team of the online french fashion magazine FACTICE. I must admit that I didn't know the magazine till a few days ago, but it's a really fashionable and inspiring magazine.
So in this post I want to tell you something about  FACTICE. One of my favourite issues is the ROUGE ET GLAMOUR issue, which is now available. I really love the cover of it, which you can see above.They made a great job by taking this gold necklace and the sequin dress( you know I'm really into sequins). You can like FACTICE also on Facebook CLICK HERE, follow it on Twitter CLICK HERE, follow it on Vimeo CLICK HERE and take a look on their Tumblr CLICK HERE I want to show you some pictures of this issue that I really like, if you want to see more CLICK HERE. Do you like them?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hérmes bag and faux fur coat

Slowly my holidays come to an end.The whole learning and studying for exams start again, but now I enjoy the last days of my holiday. And of course I took some pictures for my last outfit post in Istanbul. I already miss it! For this post I combined again my faux fur coat (it was so cold outside) with my black DR. DENIM pants, black Zara ankle boots and an Hérmes bag.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


After the last post, where I just wore my sequin jacket, I now wore something warmer: My lovely faux fur coat.The temperatures fell in the last days and i'ts getting colder and colder here, in Istanbul.Today I met my friend Mirel again, but there was a big problem. It started to rain. First we thought that the rain would stop, but we were wrong. So we could just take very less outfit pictures. A very important detail in this post is my new magnetic nail polish. Surely you ask yourself how a nailpolish can be magnetic. You put it on your nail and put then the magnet on it. And  voilà you get stripes! I think it's something different and it looks quite cool, but that really suits on each other's taste. Do you like it?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

in love with sequins and stars

Yesterday I met my friend Mirel ( she's also a fashionblogger). We shot many many pictures for our blogs. First we had lunch. After that we took some pictures and ate macarons (espacially I love the pink and green one's). YUMMY! I didn't wear so warm clothes, because I thought that the weather might be so warm as it was 2 days ago and so we both freezed a bit. And now I want to tell you something about my outfit. I really love stars and sequins. So I made a combination of them and took a Balenciaga bag. Really love this outfit! And I wore my Céline ankle boots, but this time with black socks,haha. Next time I'll wear them with transparent socks. Hope you like it. xx

Sunday, February 5, 2012

from -15 to 15 degrees

From -15 to 15 degrees! Yesterday I arrived in Istanbul.In these days it´s really warm and sunny. I came
from -15 degrees (from Vienna) to 15 degrees (to Istanbul). I generally took more warm clothes with me, because all my friends told me it was so cold and it snowed a lot, but now the whole snow is melting and the temperatures rise up.Today I met my cousin. She arrived in Istanbul yesterdy (she had last week her semester holiday). So we had a lot to talk. We relaxed and then went out for enjoying the beautiful weather and of course for taking pictures for my blog (finally!). Today I wore one of my favourite Zara blazers with Zara ankle boots and combined them  with a bag that I bought last year in Rome. Hope you like it. I really do. How was your sunday? xx

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PREVIEW of my next inspiration post

Today I have good and bad news  for you. First the bad one: I haven´t posted an outfit post for a week now and I´m  really  sad about this. It was too cold to take pictures.Today it has -12 degrees like it had in  the last days too. Whatever after bad news there are always  good news. In 3 days I have holidays and I´ll be  probably off to another country. Any guesses  which country  it might be? And the best thing about it: I can take OUTFIT-pictures again!!! I´m really looking forward. Today I just post  a preview of my next inspiration post (if you want to see the last one, click HERE ).And now something about the picture you see above.The belt on the picture is a vintage Chanel belt. I´m really in love with it ! I think  vintage Chanel accessoires and bags are really beautiful!( if you want to see some of this accessories and jewelery on my fashiolista profile, click HERE). What do you think about vintage clothing and accessories?  And do you like the belt as I do? xx