Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Today´s outfit"

Last week unfortunately I wasn´t able to post anything, because I was in France.
It was awesome. Paris is one of my favourite cities! It´s beautiful and you can always be open for new experiences. I promise I will show you some pictures of my trip as soon as possible, but now I want to tell you another thing. Once I saw  that a friend of mine puts pictures on a platform called SokaktaNeModa
(a website like Lookbook). So I checked out this page and decieded to put there also a few of my pictures. And as I returned yesterday from Paris I realised that I was chosen on monday as "Today´s outfit" on SokaktaNeModa. I was really happy and wanted to inform you immediately about it.
If you want to see the outfit on the "SokaktaNeModa" CLICK HERE and if you want to see the whole outfit post on my blog CLICK HERE. See you, kisses xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FACTICE Magazine,March Issue "Exquise Folie"

Hi everybody! First I want to apologize for my little posts in the last days, but it´s very hard during exam weeks to take outfit pictures. In this time my motivation is learing.. But I promise, when I have holidays, in 3 weeks, I ´ll try to post many many fashionable posts:)

For now I want to share the March issue of FACTICE( french fashion online magazine) with you. I have to say that they made a great job again! Maybe you can remeber I already told you something about it and where you can follow  FACTICE (CLICK HERE to see it). It´s worth checking out the FACTICE homepage. On vimeo you can watch the shooting behind the scenes.
Here is also their pinterest page for you: CLICK HERE ( I am going to make a pinterest account too!).
And now a few words to the picture above: I love love love the right outfit! the shoes and the jacket are so great and they really fit to each other. I have to say it´s an awesome picture.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


hello hello! In Vienna the weather is getting better now, so I really feel compelled to wear my leather jacket and my new candy-pink Zara pants.I have to admit that I love the colour of my pants. This time I decided to wear something  simple, that also looks chic. So I had the idea to combining my cand-pink pants with a simple Forever 21 white shirt and black high heels.And because of the sun I finally took my Ray Ban sunnies again. I´m so happy about the sunny weather! So do you like this outfit? Was the idea of simple & chic good?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

tattoos, tattoos and tattoos

Tattos often make an outfit cooler or complete it. I thing the idea of a tattoo is very nice. I don´t like every single tattoo, but there are some, that I would really like to do on myself, if I was not so afraid. And sometimes I also think that maybe one day I won´t like a tattoo and will then maybe regret it. So I think fake tattoos are a huge advantage for me.
And now to some exciting news!A few weeks ago I got a collaboration offer from fake-tattoo sellers.They were super nice and let me choose some tattos for my blog, which you will see of course, as soon as possible.Therefore in this post I´ll show you tattoos that I really like and also some of the fake-tattoos that I am going to do in the next time.
This month they also have an awesome offer. In March there is a free delivery worldwide. So if you are interested in tattoos take a look at the Fake Tattoo homepage.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey everybody there! In my last post I already told you about my addiction to pastel colours, but I also mentioned that I like neon colours too and will  wear a neon detail. So here is it: My Louis Vuitton Graffiti Speedy bag. I thing it´s diffrent from the other bags. Although its colour is neon green, I think it really fits with an "elegance" dress too. In other words: You can combine it with everything. It doesn´t matter if your outfit is sporty or elegant. And although I like it that much , I guess, I just took it 3 or 4 times, but now my bag´s time has come! I will make often a combination with it. What about you,do you like it? KISSES M.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


A must-have of this season are pastel colours! In this post I didn´t wear so much pastel colours. Only my pants,that I bought a few days ago at Mango, are pastel pink. I really love them. So I felt to combine them with my Céline ankle boots and Zara sweater. I think this combination is a good start for spring. Not too warm, but also not too cold for this weather. What about you? Are you a pastel or neon fan? I like both, but I have to admit that nowdays I like pastel colours a bit more. But don´t worry my next post will contain a neon detail :) Bisous Melli

Friday, March 2, 2012


INSPIRATION. As you can remember I already posted a preview of my next inspiration post,so voilá here is the complete post! Although I know that most of you already know some of this pictures and are maybe not interested so much  in inspiration posts, I nerverthless posted this pictures. I really love to browse through the social web and to find  new fashional pictures that inspire me. Some of them are from fashion weeks and some of them are celebrities and other well known persons. I already published an inspiration post( CLICK to see it), but this one is more for spring. Hope you enjoy the pictures as I do. Which one is your favourite?
PS: I´m really really sorry for the delay of posts in the last week. I promise I will try to become a better blogger :) So you can be sure about many outfit posts in the next time.