Friday, May 4, 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

BEST COLLABORATION: ADR. I have to say H&M always teams up with great designers,but this time they made the best choice: ANNA DELLO RUSSO FOR H&M! On the 4th of October the Anna Dello Russo collection will be available world wide and also online. It will include many jewelleries,a suitcase,sunglasses,clutches and shoes. I´m already so excited, really  can´t wait for it! Anna Dello Russo inspires me everyday.She is a huge inspiration and of course a fashion icon! Every outfit of her is admirable and gorgeous! So here is just a preview of the collection. I love it. Especially I love the clutches and sunnies! So what do you think about it? 

CLICK CLICK CLICK for Anna Dello Russo outfits!
I just published some of her greatest outfits, but you know there are too many to publish all of them.