Saturday, June 16, 2012


Guess who´s back,back again, Melli´s back, tell a friend! As you can see I´m back with my outfit posts now!!! I really missed taking pictures for my blog, but from now on I will try to get a better blogger :) In my summer holidays(finally!) which are in 2 weeks I´ll regularly post my daily outfit! So don´t forget to check them out. 
So now some words to this post. On Thursday was VIENNA FASHION NIGHT. All shops had open till 10 o´clock and at the 1st district was a lot of entertainment and sales. First I went with some friends to one of my favourite restaurants, called Vapiano, for dinner and after that we shopped until we dropped. For this day I chose a very relaxing look.I wore my black Dr.Denim jeans and a metallic H&M shirt with a neon  H&M necklace (favourite H&M necklace of this season). In this post are also some Instagram pictures. You can find me on Instagram as @melliarikan. 
Finally I want to wish all fathers and future fathers an happy father´s day! 
And especially I wish my dad an happy father´s day!
PS.: Don´t forget to participate at the giveaway (post below).There are only a few more days left to participate!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello beautiful people! I know I haven´t posted anything for a long time now, but in these days I had to do so much for school. I had every week 4 exams and now there are just left ,I guess, 4 or 5. Do you know that feeling if  you study so much that you think that your brain will explode? Haha at the moment I really feel like this. I´m already looking forward when I can just relax, enjoy life and of course take many many pictures for my blog :) Don´t worry I don´t want to bore you any longer with my school stuff. So now  the great news that I actually wanted to tell you: 

A few weeks ago I got in touch with the nice team of ScinCareRx (you can see the link on the left sidebar of my blog). I have to say that I really like their websites with the special beauty products, that are really skin-friendly. They are selling brands like Chanel,Yves Saint Laurent,Bobbi Brown,.. And therefore I´m hosting a giveaway with the chance to win a $20 gift card, which you can use on the following websites: SkinCareRxApothica and Skinbotanica. SkinCareRx carries one of the "Best Vitamin C Serum"

It is very easy to participate at this giveaway:

1.You have to own a blog.
2. Join M´s Fashion Diary on GFC
3. Post your favourite product and its link as comment (you can choose it from one of these three sites that I mentioned above )
4. And last but not least leave your e-mail adress as a comment 

The giveaway will go on till the 20th of June!

Good luck and happy shopping!